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Suffer Slash

for all your angsty slash needs

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Hello and welcome!

This community is exclusively meant for slash-stories that contain at least one of the LotR-lads. Any kind of pairings are permitted, whether it'd be Orlando Bloom/Keanu Reeves, Elijah Wood/Heath Ledger or Sean Bean/Billy Boyd. The only thing that's not permitted however, is Harry Potter-people combined with our lads. We have our limits, you know ;)

Another restriction is that the stories must be angsty. We didn't call this suffer_slash for nothing, after all. One of the main characters has to go through something tough in his life, whether it be the death of his loved one, a depression or whatever your angsty mind comes up with.

What's the fun in letting your precious lads suffer, you ask? Well, it's the comforting. It's all about the sweet whispered words, the hugs, the gentle caresses of person X that gives comfort to person Y. Sweet angst, that's what we want to see.

Stories should be put behind a cut and must go with a rating, a disclaimer and a warning.

If you join this community, it means that you respect our rules and the other members - flames are not appreciated.


For further questions contact either chichiria or autumnsparkle